Show Low Paradise Unit 1 lies just northeast of Show Low. The City of Show Low has a broad range of community facilities including a municipal library, bowling alley, 18-hole golf course (5 within a 15-mile radius), an archery range, a multi-screen theater, and many athletic facilities, such as an indoor aquatic facility, lighted Little League softball and baseball fields, handball and basketball court facilities, tennis courts and picnic areas.

A favorite area for residents and visitors alike is Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area, which is operated by the Arizona State Parks, located on the City’s northern border. It is an 850-acre recreation area surrounding a 149 acre lake and includes 92 recreational vehicle/camper hook ups, 31 developed tent sites, five shower buildings with rest room facilities, two handicapped fishing piers and a contact station.

You are now looking at one of those pieces of land that has the value unlike no other. The moment you walk on to this land you can feel the value radiating up through your feet as you look around the pristine and beautiful countryside. The peace and quiet, the refreshing breeze on your face and that feeling that you now own land that is increasing in value every year is what you will experience when you deal with us.

We choose our properties carefully looking at rural land as an investment in lifestyle as well as potential appreciation. This land is unique. This property is for folks whom want a sense of getting back to nature. Living on the land that is pristine and untouched by development. Land that is limited only by your imagination. Tap into your inner explorer. This land is your legacy. Something for your children to one day walk on. They can touch the dirt and breathe the clean mountain air and say to themselves this must’ve been what it was like in the Old West. Let them experience a simpler way of being. A time when we weren’t all on our iPhones and laptops.

We believe this property provides an excellent short to long-term investment in an area that has all of the conveniences of an urban development but located in a private and rural like setting. This is one of the most beautiful and spectacular areas of Arizona and has enormous potential for future growth and development.

Snowflake was designated the first County Seat. After the first election in the fall of 1879, the County Government was set up in St. Johns. In 1880 the County Seat was moved to Springerville. In 1882 St. Johns again became the County Seat and has remained so until the present time.

Apache County is unique among all counties in the United States in many ways. Particularly because it is the longest county in the country, 211 miles from the Utah border to just south of Alpine. Two-thirds of the population, and over one-half of the land area is comprised of the Navajo Nation, the largest Native American tribe.

It is a County of contrasts, starting from the blue spruce and aspen covered mountains near Alpine and Nutrioso, to the Greer Valley with the clear, cold waters of the Little Colorado River flowing northward to Round Valley and St. Johns. The Navajo Nation begins near Sanders and is a world apart. It is a country of long, pinon covered mesas, red sandstone cliffs, huge open valleys and hidden canyons. The main population centers are Window Rock and Fort Defiance in the South, Ganado in the center and Chinle in the north, with many small towns in between.

Apache County is growing. Current population is 70,000. With the new Units three and four being constructed at the Springerville Generating Station, new permanent jobs are being created along with all of the required support services needed for an expanding population in the surrounding communities. Land values are increasing as a result of many new subdivisions being approved and the desire for rural property and second homes by those living in the more metropolitan parts of the state.

The County is being discovered as a place rich in culture with many varied scenic and recreational opportunities. Apache County is becoming more and more important as a travel destination in the State of Arizona.




Our land comes with a 100% Satisfaction, 100% Money Back 90 Day Guarantee.

When you purchase land from us you are a protected by a 100% money back 90 day guarantee. If you are not satisfied that this land is what we told you it was we will refund your money in full or exchange it for any other land in our portfolio. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure you are completely protected when you purchase rural land through us.





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Terms or Cash… Your choice!!!

EVERYONE QUALIFIES!! No Credit Checks! No Prepayment Penalties!

Discounted cash price $4,995.

Financing option is as follows (example with minimum $195 down payment*):

$125*/mo x 60 months @ 0% (excluding property taxes)


* Additional finance charges: $75 one-time non-refundable note setup fee and $9/month note service fee


1. 100% Guarantee.

2. Guaranteed free and clear title.

3. We use a Special Warranty Deed or Quitclaim deed.

4. You’re dealing directly with the owner! No brokers or customer service reps that give you the run around.

5. We handle all the paperwork to make your transaction as easy and painless as possible.


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