Frequently Asked questions

Q: What’s your company background?

 A: We are a real estate management firm that specializes in land sales, acquisition and development. 

Q: Why is the property so cheap?

A: We purchase our properties at discounted rates so we can sell to you at wholesale prices

Q: Are these actual pictures of the property you are selling?

 A: Almost every picture you see is of the actual property or a general picture of the subdivision. 

Q: Does the property have utilities?

 A: Unless indicated in the description, the rural properties we represent do not have utilities. They’re perfect for a solar- or wind-powered “green getaway.” 

Q: Are mineral rights included?

 A: Mineral rights are not included. However, the area has been geologically investigated and nothing of value has been found. We have never found this to be an issue with any of the properties we have sold. 

'Q: Is land a safer investment than the stock market?

 A: Some of the wealthiest people on earth got their start in real estate, and for good reason. Simply put, they’re not making any more land. There is a finite supply, and as the world’s population grows, rural, undeveloped land will likely become even more valuable. 

Q: How much are property taxes?

 A: The property taxes are typically current unless otherwise stated and will vary from parcel to parcel. We will disclose the tax information in all of our listings. 

Q: Do I need an attorney or real estate agent?

 A: We’ve simplified the buying process with straightforward, easy-to-read contracts. Of course, we encourage you to hire a professional if you think it’s necessary, but we’ve done our best to make the process easy for anyone to understand. 

Q: Why should I buy from you instead of others?

 A: Price, quality, simplicity and trust. There are a lot of land sellers, but none have as simple and transparent a buying process as ours. Our land has been handpicked for access, mountain views and potential appreciation. 

Q: Why should I buy from you instead of a real estate agent?

 A: A real estate agent’s fees can range from 5% to 8% of the purchase price. We eliminate the middleman, saving you even more. 

Q: Do you offer financing?

 A: Our company strives to be as creative as possible to allow all buyers the opportunity to buy land.

Q: Can I make a payment for my land over the internet?

 A: Yes, we offer several solutions to paying a property payment or a down payment. 

Q: What documents do I need to apply for owner financing?

 A: None. Our process is so simple that no documentation is required.

Q: How do I apply for owner financing?

 A: There is NO application process! No credit checks. You are already pre-approved. Simply put, if you can afford the down payment, I’ll finance you. 

How do I make arrangements to inspect the property before I buy it?

 A: Your property isn’t “locked in” until we receive your down payment. Before making arrangements to see a specific parcel, we strongly encourage you to pay your down payment to ensure that the property hasn’t been sold to someone else by the time you arrive. To help you find the property, the listing will include maps, GPS coordinates and sometimes an address. 

Q: How long does it take to close on a property after I make my down payment?

 A: Once your down payment clears, we’ll send out your entire deed package via email using (we are going green by saving tons of paper). This packet will include your Land Contract, Promissory Note, and Purchase Sale Agreement. Once you sign the documents digitally we will set you up on automatic payments (another way to save trees by avoiding payment coupons). Once you pay off your note, we will issue your Special Warranty Deed. It’s that simple! The whole process usually takes about two weeks, and most of that is the time it takes for the county to process the paperwork. At that point you own it free and clear.